Yesterday, the bag I've been carrying constantly since May broke at a very inconvenient time. I am the kind of person who carries my purse everywhere I go, and so a replacement was needed, ASAP. Unfortunately, I am extremely picky when it comes to my handbag, and so it took me an entire afternoon to find something I liked. I did, however. In addition to showing off my new tote, I'm going to post some other bags I've been crushing on.

Isn't it the cutest thing?! I found it at Target, the last place I planned on stopping before heading home, and I'd scoured most of the racks already, so I was feeling a little discouraged. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a pop of orange leather, and I knelt down to get a better look. It was a little fox purse! Upon closer inspection, I realized it had a neighbor. With suspiciously owl like colors. I actually squealed in the middle of the store, and clutched it to my chest like someone was going to take it away. I am a little nuts about owls.

(via: gracefulbanquet's etsy)

This would be so impractical for my actual life, because I carry so much stuff around, but look at how cute it is! It's great for any on the go minimalist, and it'd fit perfectly under your arm. How adorable.

(via: artoncrafts etsy)

I am a total sucker for all things olive green, but what is really fantastic about this is the strap. Finding a nice looking, functional bag with a long crossbody strap is a chore. I also love the buckle details on the front pocket, and the top handle. It gives it a lot of versatility. You could take this from work, out to dinner. That is the sign of a good bag.

This is something that I could imagine mister carrying, although it certainly isn't just for boys! It's just big enough to fit the essentials, plus a little extra, and is high quality and durable so you can toss it around. Plus, it already has a semi-distressed finish, so any scuffs won't show. Ladies, try pairing it with a flowery dress and a cardigan. The contrast of the masculine and feminine would be amazing.

Off to have some apple pie with the family. It's chilly out tonight, mister's mom says it's snowing where she is. Fingers crossed! Till then, M

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